Tips & Tricks for Mindful Living

Stop dreaming and start living.


How to Feel Instantly Better with 12 Ways

Life happens to us in multiple shades and not all shades are bright. Maybe this is what makes it so beautiful and interesting. The dull and stressful moments are bound to visit us at one or the ...Read More


22 Brutal Truths about Life That Are Difficult to Hear But Will Make You a Better Person

It is not in denial that we live in a chaotic world, where people roll eyes when they are told the truth. It is a funny world, where the villains` advice is sought after, while those who speak t...Read More


5 Life Lessons I Learned in My 20’s That Can Help You Live a Better Life

The twenties are a transitional period for everyone. As we leave behind the social structures, behaviors, and ideas that we adapted to in our teens, we move into a new stage in our life that can...Read More


Here are 7 Things You Must Remember When You Feel Depressed

Life is an insatiable desire for us, a blend of bliss and turmoil. While most of the days in our lives may be bright and happy, some of them are destined to bring a shade of grey. There’s a sayi...Read More


9 Powerful Life Lessons That Will Change the Way You Look at Life

One of the things we learn really quickly as we step into adulthood is that the idealism of childhood is just that – an ideal – what we would like the world to be. Having an ideal and working to...Read More

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